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Diardaoin, 25/Nov/2010

Bruichladdich and Islay in the WSJ

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WSJ? Just in case you don't know what that stands for, that's the Wall Street Journal. It's not an entirely new story as such, but Bruichladdich (and with it Islay) have made it into the video news section of the WSJ online offering. Recently Bruichladdich sent out a press release about some new green waste energy technology they have installed (which Ron blogged under Bruichladdich Islay Single Malt is Electrifying), this evening Twitter went wild with a link to a video about it. As not everyone uses Twitter I thought it might be worth showing it here as well (there will probably be advertising at the start before the real video starts, that advertising comes from the WSJ):

The Wall Street Journal: Green Energy From Amber Spirits

As I've written earlier this year I'm slightly sceptical about the some of the hype around this. After all this ‘only’ covers the electricity needs, not the diesel still required to run the boilers for the steam to heat the stills. At least that's my understanding, also electricity is only a comparably small part of the total energy needs of a distillery. Still, it's good news for Bruichladdich, for Islay and for the planet in general. It's a start and hopefully there's more to come in regards to renewable and green energy from Islay.

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