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Diluain, 06/Dec/2010

Islay Snow Pictures and Videos (updated)

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Knowing that many thousands people in mainland Scotland are still stuck in chaotic traffic in central Scotland (or a personal account by someone impacted: The Frozen North) it feels a bit strange to write this, yet the little snow which fell on Islay today is big news for Islay. Through the day quite a few pictures and even a short video were posted. I thought I'll pull some of them together in one place:

I think the first picture I saw of it today came courtesy of @islayian, who posted this picture of the snow, I believe at Islay High School.

I hope you don't need a Facebook account to see this, courtesy of Laphroaig comes a great picture of a Snow covered distillery, a rare treat on Islay.

Following on from his entries the last few days Ron has four entries with Islay snow today: Here Comes the Snow on Islay, Breathtaking Islay Snow Images by Ewan Graham, Islay Snow Images by Mark Unsworth and Fabulous Islay Image of Snow and Stars.

The Islay Natural History Trust blog also has a whole bunch of entries about the snow: Snow in Port Charlotte, an untitled entry with various snow pictures and Northern Sky - James Deane.

And last but by no means least (I saw the video before seeing any of the pictures) here's a short video of the snow on Islay:

YouTube: Snow on Islay

I think that's about it, if you know of any others please feel free to add them in the comments.

PS: Not on Islay, but here's a fantastic winter/snow picture I came across today: It's a chill wind.


A few more pictures of the snow on Islay were posted on 07/Dec/2010: Ron has More Beautiful Islay Snow Images and in Sgeir Mhor's photostream (Becky Williamson) we find several great Islay snow pictures among the pictures posted on 07/Dec/2010. Port Charlotte, square paps and the low road are among my favourites here.

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