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Dimàirt, 07/Dec/2010

Islay and Jura Snow from Space

Satellite picture of a snow covered Scotland

Remember the How did Islay get away without snow? entry from exactly 11 months ago? I did and thought a refresh was in order. Back then Islay didn't have any snow while the whole of the UK was covered in snow. This time Islay didn't get away and I managed to find a satellite picture showing it:

Same as last time the pictures come courtesy of the ‘NASA/GSFC, MODIS Rapid Response’ website. The Terra/MODIS satellite crossed the UK at noon today and took the picture I had hoped for. On the right you can see pretty much the whole of Scotland covered in snow (here's a much larger version of the satellite picture of a snow covered Scotland). If you look closely you can already spot Islay and Jura towards the bottom left. Now let's take a closer look:

Satellite picture of Islay, Jura, Argyll, Arran and parts of Ayrshire in the winter snow

Not the greatest quality, but I think it gives a good enough impression of the extent of the snow cover today at noon (unfortunately couldn't find any from yesterday). On the top left the south west of Mull and Iona seem to have escaped the snow, as has Colonsay. On Jura obviously the Paps have quite a bit of snow, the north of Jura seems to have relatively little. On Islay it's mainly the hills in the east, but also the Bruichladdich / Port Charlotte area and The Oa. Mainland Argyll and Arran of course have quite a lot, as does the all of the mainland.

For links to pictures of the snow on Islay on the ground see the previous entry, Islay Snow Pictures and Videos (updated).

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