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Dimàirt, 04/Jan/2010

Vintage Cars on/from Islay

Islay Pictures in stencil

While looking for something completely different I came across an Islay picture today which inspired me to look for similar pictures on the topic. Soon the idea for a blog post was born and the search continued. I didn't find as much as I had hoped, but there were still a few Islay related pictures of vintage cars on Flickr:

Screenshot of thumbnails of vintage cars

It all started with this Highland Omnibuses C29 Inverness, which according to the description ‘was one of the very last MacBraynes owned buses, coming from Islay in January 1972’. Anyone remembering this bus being used on Islay? In a similar vain this 249 Rover Road Rover II (1958) (for another picture check 1958 Road Rover), which for a time was owned and used by then Rover MD Spencer Wilkes on his estate on Islay (don't know which estate, I'll have to try to look that up unless someone can tell me).

Back to Islay let me start with a few visitors: Stylin' Car at Bruichladdich (a Morgan, not entirely sure how old?), a nice Alfa Romeo and this Porsche. The last two I suspect are participants in some kind of vintage car rally, as there are a few others in the pictures as well.

The next one I'm not sure if it's Islay based, although I know the passenger certainly is: Vintage Buick in Port Charlotte, Islay (with Duncan McGillivray of Bruichladdich as the passenger).

Moving on to a very nice Jaguar E-type, some people would like it to be Our Rental Car, but it certainly is the only way to travel ... on Islay.

On a sad note a car which probably won't ever drive again, yet quite a few pictures seem to exist of it: Morris Minor and the same Morris Minor again, it can be found in a Port Charlotte car dump.

To close a related picture, a Photograph to commemorate ten years of seatbelt legislation in the UK, 1993. Yes, there is a link to Islay here, look at the third person from the right.

PS: For another vintage car on Islay read Ron's recent entry Rendezvous with Kildalton Castle Islay, a nice Bentley in there.

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