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Didòmhnaich, 09/Jan/2011

Islay Blogging Roundup #151

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

On Friday follows Sunday, well, this weekend it kind of does. From the Friday Saturday Islay picture straight to the Islay blogging roundup. I think the new laptop is now 98% how I'd like it to be, full steam ahead now. Let's see what the blogs have been writing about Islay and Jura during the last week or so:

With the Machrie Hotel making it into the national news some say it's the End of an Era for the The Machrie Hotel. Speaking of bygone times, Ron also has a nice entry Rendezvous with Kildalton Castle Islay while on his Isle of Jura Blog he announces a Jura House Walled Garden Image Gallery.

Of course there were a few Islay whisky posts again, with a bonus of an Islay gin posting from Germany. The gin was tasted by ‘what a drink!’ (a German blog despite the English name) in The Botanist - Islay Dry Gin. Seems they didn't quite get what they expected. Staying with the Germans, WHISKYFANBLOG.DE writes about the Malts of Scotland: Bowmore 1995 Amazing Casks. Moving on to Sweden Mannen som baktalar hästar asks Superstition? Är det en parfym?

Staying on Jura The Malt Impostor tries The Jura Prophecy (100 ml magic glass bottle). Back to Islay whisky The Young Connoisseur write his Scotch Review 4: Bruichladdich Resurrection 2001. Dougie writes about Lochindaal Distillery, Islay in Whisky Story. After the Christmas break the Bruichladdich Blog is also back again, among other things writing about the 2011 Season and MBElla. Oh, and Whisky on Ice. For more foreign languages check what Joan writes about in Recordant Port Askaig.

Moving on to the birdwatching (and some wildlife): The Islay Birds blog continues reporting the bird sightings despite the holidays with a lot of different birds on Wednesday. Yesterday the first reports by e-mail were published. The Islay Natural History Trust blog in the meantime writes about "What do seals eat? Seals poop, Scientists scoop!" - Lindsay Wilson writes.... (yes, their blog has been in previous roundups a few times). They also have a rather long New Year Bird List, as per Tim Drew and helps you to decide whether you've seen a Stoat or Ermine. John Islay Birder Armitage writes about Typical winter's day! with a great sunset picture and a A day of several parts! yesterday. He also writes about the Effects of drastic weather on another of his blogs.

Not many pictures this week, but some great ones on Douglas blog in his Sea kayaking desktop wallpaper calendar 2011, which includes several Islay and Jura pictures. On 9 Go Mad in Crail we find a slideshow of pictures in Afore ye go – slummin it in harbour on Islay. Ron has some picture from James Deane in Cloud Inversion on Jura. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I think I'll go for the Forbidding Cliffs in the North West of Islay and Dog Walking and Kite Flying in Machir Bay, Isle of Islay.

And that's it for this week, a fairly slow week for Islay and Jura blog entries, more to come next week? As usual the link to the Scottish Roundup, this week with Resolutions and Setting the World to Rights. Good night!

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