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Diciadain, 19/Jan/2011

Craig Ferguson praises Islay (Whisky)

Islay on Video written in stencil

Many readers in Europe will probably wonder who Craig Ferguson is, possibly quite a few people in England, although I suspect most people in Scotland and even more in the United States will know him. For those who don't know who he is (I first heard of him a few years ago), Craig Ferguson is a Scottish/American television host, comedian and more. At least in the US he's probably best known for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. So where does Islay come into this?

In last night's show one of the guests was Larry King, another well known American television host. Quite quickly they swapped roles, with essentially Larry King interviewing Craig Ferguson. I managed to find the whole session on YouTube, you can either watch the whole session or if you're only interested in the Islay mention fast forward to approx 5:00 min where he starts talking about Scotch and more.

YouTube: Larry King 1/18/11D Late Late Show Craig Ferguson

Quite some praise for Islay here in a television show watched by millions of viewers! Unfortunately I can't find any links for it, but I wonder how ‘Islay island’ or ‘Islay Scotland’ was doing in the most frequent search terms during and soon after the show?

PS: not sure how to call it, disclosure or background information may be. The references to ‘trying to stay sober’ and some of the drug usage refer to some darker chapters of Craig Ferguson's past. He is a recovering alcoholic, something he has very openly spoken about. It might darken the mood of this entry a little bit, but I felt it would be wrong not to mention it. Apart from that I'm very impressed by how he is handling it!

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