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Dimàirt, 18/Jan/2011

Formel. With sounds from Islay.

Islay News in stencil

Back in June 2010 I bookmarked a blog entry and among other things tagged it with ‘to research’. For some reason I didn't really get around to do this ‘research’ and blog about it at the time, while at the same time I did hear (hear in the true sense of the word) from the author over the next few weeks. Some lovely sounds from Islay to be precise, like this one:

The Oa, Isle of Islay, 12 July 2010 by timjnunn

Now Tim Nunn (who is the man who wrote the blog entry and who I was hearing from) didn't just go to Islay to record sounds. Time to catch up on what he was doing. He was recording the sounds for a reason and was also working on a project. The project is called Formel and is a soundscape show and play (I hope I'm using the correct terms here).

The project is now moving into the next stage and as Katy Cowan reports on Creative Boom in A West of Scotland soundscape, opera at Paisley Abbey a public preview is coming up very soon:

On the 20th & 21st January Platform in Glasgow will host two public previews of their major new soundscape show Formel, which will tour Scotland in Autumn 2011. Formel will be a treat for the senses. Seated in the middle of a multi-channel sound system with the action happening around you, this pioneering show creates audio action through real recordings from cliff-tops, beaches and hills taken by co-Artistic Director Tim Nunn during his recent residency on Islay.

Living in the south of England this unfortunately is a bit too far for me, but may be some of you living a bit closer might be interested? There's also a trailer to give you an idea what it is all about:

'Formel' by Tim Nunn, trailer by timjnunn

I hope I get a chance to experience the show somewhere and that it may be even makes it to Islay to be played in its natural environment. Oh, and if you've seen this setup on Islay last year you might well have seen Tim working on Formel.

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