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Diciadain, 09/Feb/2011

Ardberger's video tour of Port Ellen, Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

As I assume that most of you will have already seen Islay's Glenn Campbell reporting about Petrol prices near £1.50 for Scottish islanders on the BBC I don't think there's much need to spend much more time on it. Instead I thought I point out the latest video from a regular many will be familiar with, ardberger. His latest Islay video will hopefully be the first in a series of many from Port Ellen:

YouTube: port ellen islay part 1.

As the title says ‘part 1’ I hope there will be part 2 and more to come. I quite like the way this is done, a look around while talking to what we see and also using the annotations to point out various places. Not to forget the beautiful sunny weather showing Port Ellen in the best possible light.

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