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Diardaoin, 10/Feb/2011 doesn't sell

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Well, in the end it was a bit of a non-event. On Monday last week I mentioned that the domain was being auctioned on eBay. The auction ended this afternoon, not entirely as I had expected. While there was some interest it wasn't enough to beat the reserve:

Screenshot of the unsuccessful auction on eBay

While there were seven bidders bidding each other up to £3,400 it wasn't enough to beat the reserve (the minimum the seller is willing to sell for). I'm not overly surprised that it went to £3,400, I actually thought it might go even higher, at a push. What did surprise me was that even £3,400.50 didn't meet the reserve. Now I don't know what the reserve was, may be the bidders were only £99.50 short, but the end result is that it didn't sell.

Either way, a price in excess of £3,500 will be way beyond the means of the vast majority of the suggested buyers, “the island's many distillers, as well as tourist authorities, community groups or even a B&B operator”. The distilleries with the exception of the Diageo ones already have their well established websites, I'm not sure if they actually have a use, let alone need, for the domain. I don't think any of the tourist groups has £3,500 left to spend on a domain. Any community group on Islay I'm quite confident has far better ways to spend that sort of money on than a domain. And I doubt you'll find many (if any) B&B operators on Islay with £3,500 to spare.

Now I don't have the faintest idea who the bidders were taking it to £3,400, but while they showed an interest it obviously wasn't enough, at least for the expectations of the seller. I wonder what's next for now? Will it get the owner and content it deserves?

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