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Diciadain, 16/Feb/2011

Islay Whisky Miniatures

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Quite a few people collect whisky in some form. For Islay single malts there are of course the Laphroaig Collector and the Laddiecollector, also just three weeks ago I wrote about the Bowmore Collector. While researching Islay whisky collectors I came across a site which isn't strictly about Islay malts, but interesting and special enough to mention it here:

Screenshot of a gallery of single malt whisky

The site is called The Barclay Whisky Collection and is run by Alex Barclay (hence the name), who is also the Whisky Officer of The Mini Bottle Club. It mainly contains whisky miniatures collected for over 35 years. The miniatures aren't only from Scotland, among others Ireland, Japan and even Austria are included. Of course the main interest from this blog's point of view are the Islay and Jura distilleries, here are the links to their collections in alphabetical order:

But that's not all, you'll also find a few Islay malts in the "Malts of Scotland" Range as well as a few ‘Islay Mist’ in the Old Blends 1 collection. I hope you've enjoyed his collection, if you are collecting miniatures you might want to check his Tips. Some good ideas about how to reduce evaporation in there.

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