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Diluain, 16/May/2011

Underwater Wildlife and Seascapes Video

Jura Excursions written in stencil

Regular readers will know that I'm not a big fan of slideshows, but that I also make the occasional exception for a few special ones. Today is one of them. Now I don't know how much of the video was shot in the waters around Islay and Jura (there is at least one nice view of the silhouette of Jura and also what I think a beach on Jura), but the creator is certainly from Jura: Campbell Marine Contracts. Based on Jura they do underwater work on the west coast of Scotland, where these scenes are from:

YouTube: Underwater wildlife and seascapes

Quite amazing, isn't it? Unfortunately pretty much invisible to most of us unless shared in videos like this. Thanks to Colin and his crew for sharing this!

For those interested in seeing what they do in their day job (among other things), here is one of them at work at the pier in Port Ellen, Islay:

YouTube: CAMPBELL MARINE CONTRACTS - underwater welding 001

I'm not entirely sure, but I believe this is from the Port Ellen Fish Quay repairs in 2009. Looks like quite challenging work to me!

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