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Dimàirt, 17/May/2011

Major Wildlife's Islay Pictures

Islay Pictures in stencil

When I came across the first pictures a few days ago I only tweeted the links to the two Corncrake pictures. Since then a few more pictures of both Islay wildlife and Islay landscapes were added, so I thought I'll give Major Wildlife a blog entry as well:

Screenshot of thumbnails in a picture gallery

For all of his pictures just go to Major Wildlife's photostream on flickr and click your way through. If you're mainly interested in his Islay pictures you might want to start with the pictures tagged with ‘islay’. They include the Corncrake(Crex crex) as well as the calling Corncrake(Crex crex).

Other great pictures I liked include this Grey-Seal-(Halichoerus-grypus) and this Black-Guillemot(Cepphus grylle). However, your preferences might vary, so better look at all of them, also because he's still adding new pictures which I might not have seen when writing this.

For more about Major Wildlife you can also visit his Major Wildlife photography website, where he mentions the Islay visit in his Diary (entry dated 15/05/2011, unfortunately I can't seem to link to specific entries).

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