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Diardaoin, 19/May/2011

Jura Distillery Video Channel and Juracaching

Jura Excursions written in stencil

Two excursion from Islay to Jura this week, they must be doing something right on Islay's smaller neighbour to get this. After the diving videos from Jura divers some more videos from Jura, this time from the Isle of Jura distillery. Not only that, they also invent a new term, Juracache:

YouTube: Juracache - geocaching but with QR codes & Jura whisky

There is of course a reason for mentioning all this: Just in time for the upcoming Islay Festival (which also includes Jura) the Isle of Jura distillery has launched their jurawhisky YouTube channel as well as what they call Juracaching. In very short: During the Festival you have to hunt down 5 QR Codes with your Smartphone, build a sentence and win a prize. Of course there are also other events, which you can read about on the Jura Feis Ile page.

But back to the videos, Willie Tait speaking:

How to drink Jura 10 year old whisky

Love the intro to the video:

How do you drink your whisky?

Simple. You're either right handed, or you're left handed.


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