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Diluain, 23/May/2011

5 Years of Islay Blogging

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It feels like yesterday, yet it is two years ago to the day that I wrote 3 years Or in other words, it is now five years ago that I wrote The Obligatory First Post. Or in whisky terms (as I used in the three year post), while still young this Islay blog is now starting to mature properly. It actually all started a little more than five years ago:

The domain was registered on 09/Apr/2006 and was first linked to on 12/Apr/2006 (third paragraph, last word), but due to holidays (for some strange reason WalkIslay 2006 came up again) and other committments I didn't complete the design and initial setup until the end of May.

Since then a lot has happened, both good and bad. I lost my very first and to me personally most important reader to cancer (my mother) while at the same time meeting all kinds of people from both Islay and around the world through the years. Quite a few people I've initially communicated with online only I've since met in person and had great experiences, something I don't think would have been possible to that extent without the internet and the blogging.

I've seen quite a few new (Islay) blogs arriving, some still going strong (some very strong), others fading away again. Twitter and Facebook exploded over the last few years, again with a lot of people from Islay or interested in Islay using these new tools. The communication, collaboration, exchange, discussions, agreements, disagreements and comments have been great and enriching.

So I'm going to raise a wee dram (or two) of the good Islay single malt whisky to you, the readers and friends. I'm going to have one each of my favourites, the Laphroaig Triple Wood and the Bruichladdich Oirthir Gàidheal Islay Festival_09. Thank you all!

And with that, on to the next five years of Islay blogging…

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