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Diciadain, 25/May/2011

Islay Festival 2011 Updates

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Many people would like to visit the Islay Festival, not everyone can. With the 2011 festival moving past the half way mark I thought I'd pull together some of the updates from both visitors and distilleries I'm aware of available on the internet. Feel free to call it a mini interim Islay Festival blogging roundup if you want:

Some of the regular visitors are Joel and Neil of, they have certainly so far provided daily updates including videos: The Road To Islay. Day One: This Jacket is great. I look like Bill Oddie in this jacket., Road To Islay Day 2: Why isn’t this a rum blog? – we’d be in The Caribbean now…, Road To Islay Day 3: Spent Wees, Road To Islay Day 4: Kissing a chimney sweep brings you luck…, Islay Day 5 - Inspector Gorse and Road To Islay Day Five: An additonal Scoop of Ardbeg were the entries so far.

After their Islay 2010 Blog the crew from The Whisky Tasting Club also have an Islay Blog 2011. The updates so far include Islay festival 2011, Day 1: Saturday 21st. Lagavulin, Day 1: Lagavulin Distillery Manager tasting, day 2: Sunday 22nd. Bruichladdich day, Day 3: Monday 23rd. Caol Ila and Day 4. Tues 24th. Laphraoig are the entries so far.

The Master of Malt Whisky Blog has three entries so, all nicely numbered: Feis Ile - The Islay Whisky Festival 2011 – Part One, Feis Ile - The Islay Whisky Festival 2011 – Part Two and as you would expect Feis Ile - The Islay Whisky Festival 2011 – Part Three.

Scratchy Noises so far has one Update from Feis Ile. flat3stroke1 had an Exercise in value… James Deane wrote about his Preparations for Feis Ile followed by Total Chaos… And an exciting new blog (although the latter only touches on the festival). dramalot has a short summary in Feis Ile 2011 so far.

The Bruichladdich Blog started with the Revolution Festival Bottling, then made a Big Statement, followed with the Stairway to Heaven and in the end The Sun Shines.

I'm not sure if you need to have a Facebook account to see their pages, but most of the distilleries post pictures on their accounts: These include in particular The Diurachs (Jura distillery), Laphroaig distillery, Bowmore distillery and Bruichladdich distillery. The Lagavulin page has a few pictures covering also Caol Ila and the Port Ellen Maltings.

More of a heads for Thursday can be found on pigtown fling, who are going to play at Kilchoman Distillery and the Port Charlotte Hotel.

That's pretty much what I've found, if I've missed anything, well, that's what the comments are there for. Feel free to add any Islay Festival links I've missed, in particular if they are music related as I fear I'm rather short on them.

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