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Diardaoin, 02/Jun/2011

Off to the Islay Beaches

Islay Fun in stencil

I'm afraid this blog is going to take another break soon. This will be the last entry on at least this blog for about two weeks (but read to the end to find where to still find Islay updates from me), of course for the simple reason that I will be on Islay to recharge my batteries. On Saturday I will board the ferry to Islay (which I'm told will be the MV Finlaggan), so weather permitting I can record new material to replace the now obsolete Islay Ferry Impressions video. Then it will be time to hit the beaches:

YouTube: Do nothing on Islay for 3 minutes

Of course there's a reason I'm going at exactly this time of year, an event which also takes place on a beach. That would be the Islay Beach Rugby, here's how it looked last year:

YouTube: Islay Beach Rugby 2010 Report

Now I can't fill two weeks just with beaches (I know some people can, but I can't), so I'm hoping to do a lot more. Meet quite a few people, old and new friends (if all goes to plan including this brand new Islay blogger), try to actually see a Corncrake (and other birds), go for a few short and long walks, take lots of pictures and video, drink a wee dram or two of Islay single malt whisky and many other things.

This blog taking a break doesn't mean I'll completely go offline though, network, WiFi and time permitting I'm hoping to provide a more or less running commentary on both my @islayblog Twitter account and my Isle of Islay posterous account. I hope you'll keep reading me there until this blog springs to life again in about two weeks…

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