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Didòmhnaich, 10/Jul/2011

Islay Blogging Roundup #172

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Apparently it was the week where the network defeated the hierarchy, so let's see where that takes us. It was also the week where Google+ was launched (Easiest way to find me is via, I've already spotted the first people from Islay or with an interest in Islay. Apart from all that, what have the blogs been saying about Islay, Jura and Colonsay this last week?

I started with James Deane last week, I'm going to do the same again this week. Simple reason being that I think some people might be interested in who won the print in his prize draw. Armelie had the honour to speak the magic words And the winner is….

I mentioned Liza Weisstuch just before I left for my Islay holiday in June (and met her a few times while we both were on the island), she's since written a few cool entries about her experiences on Islay. I actually still owe her a picture of the food she had the evening When the jig speeds up, the crowd slows down and listens. Another entry You need to stop, or you’ll fall off the edge, PART I makes me look forward to part II.

A very interesting blog I came across is called Scotch Cinema, where this week's Islay whisky mention is Judy Dench Drinks Laphroaig in "Notes On a Scandal". Slightly older but still worth a mention is Lagavulin Spotted in "28 Days Later". The Bruichladdich Blog also picks up on it in Local Hero Laddie after Jon Beach pointed it out on Twitter.

A few weeks back in June I mentioned HitchHop to Visit Islay (and more). Well, they are now well into their journey, having visited Islay and Jura (and a few more) early on. On the HitchHop Blog we can read more about the adventures and fantastic help they've received on Islay and Jura: Day 3 – Thomas our Tartan, Travelling companion Trolley bag and Day 4 – Relying on the Good Will of Others are very good reads.

Pictures and notes from an Islay visit can be found in the swiss lounge: islay while Whiskybloggen says It’s time to go to Islay again. Ron has the programme for the Colmcille Challenge and Islay’s Festival of the Sea (courtesy of Susan) as well as some Islay Festival of the Sea Impressions (courtesy of James and Vanessa). Lesley Riddoch writes about the spring festival in her Colonsay Scotsman article.

The Islay Birds blog boasts with some fine weather and related birdwatching, including Rose coloured Starling, Treecreepers, Golden Eagles and Hen Harriers. Having missed it last week I'd also like to point out the fantastic picture of a Short Eared Owl by Bob. John Islay Birder Armitage reports of Mixed situation with warblers! 7.7.2011 and Slight changes afoot? 9.7.2011.. The Islay Natural History Trust blog brings us Lady's bedstraw and Wild thyme, A selection from Mark and Sally Johnson and news on the INHT Species Lists.

As usual I'll finish with the pictures, on his Islaystudios's Blog Mark thinks summer is back in At last, the weather has changed ! On his Islay Photography Gallery we find Kilchoman Bay and an Islay Lily. From my own pictures on the Islay Pictures photoblog I think I'll go for Leaving the Sound of Islay on the MV Finlaggan, the June Night at Kilchoman and of course the June Night Sky at Kilchoman, Isle of Islay.

And that's all for today folks. Of course the link to the Scottish Roundup, this week with Brought to you by tabloid headlines, can't be missed. Good night!

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