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Disathairne, 06/Aug/2011

Mark Reynier introducing Bruichladdich in French

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My latest Islay video is still in the making, I hope to have that ready for Monday. I haven't had time for a new Islay panorama yet either. So for tonight I've picked a video I've already hinted about earlier this week. This time we visit Bruichladdich distillery:

YouTube: Distillerie Bruichladdich

My French is rather rusty, but from what I managed to understand Mark seems to be talking about the history of the distillery, how he came across it and what they would like to achieve. I think he speaks about his first visit and how he found a sign ‘plant closed’ (first saying ‘distillery closed’, then correcting himself to ‘plant closed’).

Even though there isn't really anything new in the video I found it interesting to watch, I hope you've enjoyed it as well, even if you don't speak French.

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