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Dihaoine, 12/Aug/2011

Friday Islay Picture #204 - Claggain Bay

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

For this evening's Islay picture I was originally thinking of a picture of the night sky, keeping in mind the Perseids meteor shower is making its annual appearance this weekend. But then two things conspired against me: To start with the forecast for both where I live and for Islay aren't very promising to actually see any, so it felt a bit pointless. Then I received news that a website was going to be launched today (turned out it went online yesterday already). The website is in a way linked to this view, which almost would have disappeared:

Picture of a bay on a calm day, a pebble beach with a green shoreline in the distance

This is of course Claggain Bay, the reason why the view almost would have disappeared is that it was the proposed site for a fish farm. Among others this report in the Caledonian Mercury gives a good overview: Fishing versus fishing: island fishermen fight back against fish farms.

So what is the new website about?

It is of course linked to the fish farms and called Islay ~ Iasg Environmental Protection (Iasg is Gaelic for fish). There is also a related Facebook group, IASG - Islay - No to Fish Farms. The site is about the ongoing protest against fish farms on Islay and explains the various reasons why fish farms wouldn't be good for Islay. Quite a few interesting things to read on the site, more will be added over time I believe. Disclosure: The site uses some of my sisters and mine pictures with our permission, but we have no other direct involvement in the site.

I hope you find the site interesting and will take a look this weekend, may be with a wee dram of Islay single malt whisky? Have a great weekend!

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