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Diluain, 12/Sep/2011

Watching Wind Speeds on Islay

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Unless you live in a cave in the south east of England you will probably have noticed or at least heard that it is rather windy in large parts of the UK today. This of course unsurprisingly includes Islay, which was hit quite hard again. So far I've heard of (luckily short) power cuts, problems with mobile phone signal, tricky drives home and cancelled ferries. To illustrate this I thought I'd share a great website Gavin (@gavceltic) told me about today called Windfinder. Here's how the wind developed in Port Ellen today:

Screenshot of a wind report for Port Ellen on Islay on 12/Sep/2011

The chart quite nicely shows how the winds built up through the day until peaking around 15:00 hrs, the blue line representing the wind speed with the red bars showing the gusts. The above is of course a screenshot, for the current picture point your browser to Windfinder - Real time wind & weather report Port Ellen/Islay. You can change the units of measure if you like (click on ‘Change units’ in ‘Configuration’ on the left).

Other interesting pages include the Windfinder - Wind & weather statistic Port Ellen/Islay (where you can see that June is the calmest and March the windiest month) and the Windfinder - Wind & weather forecast Port Ellen/Islay. The only thing I'm not sure how useful it will be is the tide calendar / prediction, as the tides vary a lot depending on the location on Islay. But then that's just a minor point and shouldn't distract from the excellent rest.

There's also a Windfinder - Real time wind & weather report Kilchoman/ Islay, but that seems to have less details and is updated less frequently.

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