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Dimàirt, 13/Sep/2011

Redbay Boats Cruise to Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

Pictures are good. But sometimes video adds something more. Not always, but sometimes. In particular when there is action and sound and movement involved. Like when you're on out on the water with a boat. The waves, the sound of the engine, the speed of the boat. Two weeks ago Ron mentioned the Ardbeg Redbay Islay Trip 2011 with the Ardbeg Redbay Islay trip 2011 pictures on Flickr. Now here's the video of their arrival at Ardbeg on Islay I came across recently:

YouTube: Redbay Boats Ardbeg 2011 Cruise

I've only had the opportunity to go on a small boat once so far (the short crossing from Lagavulin Pier to Texa, which was quite amazing). Speeding along the south coast of Islay in a RIB or similar small boat seems to be a great experience generally. For another experience you can also try the Redbay RIB cruise to Islay & Jura video from 2010, I think this is crossing between Jura and Islay, somewhere near McArthurs Head.

Come to think of it, it's not necessarily something for everyone, at least the real thing. Nevertheless I hope you'll all enjoy at least the videos with the views of Islay's shoreline from the sea…

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