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Diardaoin, 10/Nov/2011

Learning Gaelic with Port Ellen Primary, Islay

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Over the last few years I've fairly regularly mentioned Islay High School and the great work they do there with IT and more. Islay High is not going to be the topic of tonights blog entry though (sorry Ian et al), instead we travel a few miles south to Port Ellen, to Port Ellen Primary School.

There are currently some interesting projects at the school to combine modern IT with some traditional learning: Regular readers of the Islay Blogging Roundup might remember the Our Learning Blog I've mentioned a couple of times. Recently the @portellenps Twitter account was launched. The Twitter account alerted me and others to an interesting entry today.

Maisie wrote PEPS Are On Twitter, telling us they are learning Gaelic and would like us to learn Gaelic with them on Twitter. I have virtually no Gaelic so I commented I'd like to join in.

Careful readers might have noticed the day of the week for each entry here is in Gaelic, something I've looked up on the internet and hope is right. But as I'm not entirely sure I've asked P4/5 to help me with learning the days of the week and help me checking I've got the days right on the blog.

I've already had an answer via Twitter, promising me they would learn them in their next Gaelic lesson on Dimàirt. I'm looking forward to it, hopefully some of you will join in!

PS: Is mise Armin.

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