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Dihaoine, 11/Nov/2011

Friday Islay Picture #215 - Big Splash in Saligo Bay

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Well, the way I'm writing the date (11/Nov/2011) doesn't look anywhere near as interesting as 11/11/11. It's also nowhere near 11:11 hrs when I'm writing this, instead it's somewhere around 21:05. So there's no point in dwelling on it and move on to this evening's Friday Islay Picture. I thought I'll make a big splash tonight. Actually, not really myself, more the waves in Saligo Bay on Islay:

Picture of a wave breaking and splashing over rocks right in front of the lens

No, the camera didn't get wet. On this occasion. Later on I didn't pay full attention for a few seconds and the camera and me did get fairly wet. Luckily the camera body is designed to be weatherproof (not entirely sure about the lens), but it seems both have survived it without any complications. An interesting experience.

As usual I'll post a larger version (for an even bigger splash) on the Islay Pictures photoblog on Saturday morning. For now all that's left is to wish you a great weekend and good night!

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