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Diluain, 26/Dec/2011

Islay Blogging Roundup #193 - Christmas Edition

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Having been distracted by all kinds of other things today yet being able to sleep in tomorrow I decided to make the Christmas Edition of the Islay Blogging Roundup also a late night edition. Just because I can. Let's see what the blogs have written about Islay in the week up to and including Christmas:

Let me start with a blog I briefly touched on at the Islay Pictures Google+ page, called Pictures by MalcolmR. Malcolm told me has thousands of Islay pictures to pick from, he also aims to post every day. Some of the recent pictures include Boy in the mirror, Saligo Bay, More Whisky? and Reflections of Ardbeg.

Of course there were some Christmas greetings and other Christmas related entries on the blogs: The Our Learning Blog of Port Ellen Primary reports of the Christmas Party and the Christmas Holiday. Then there are Christmas wishes on the Islay Birds blog, Merry Christmas… on the INHT blog, James Deane says it's Time to Sit Back… and Ron wishes a Merry Christmas. Already a bit earlier, but for completeness the IET also wished Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May be I should have mentioned it under pictures, but as I found two entries about Kilchoman let me mention Kilchoman on Savage Shores here. A German travel blog then has Kilchoman – verlassener Ort voller Geschichte auf Islay.

On the whisky side the Danish Whisky Blog awards 2011 includes a few Islay mentions while Value Whisky Reviews tastes the Bowmore Legend. The ScotchNoob reviews the Kilchoman Spring 2011 and Raise Your Spirits has a Scotch Review: Bunnahabhain 12 year. I think we had this topic before, a Finnish blog writing about Viskisinappi (which I believe is whisky mustard). Scotch Cinema reports of a Lagavulin Sighting from "The West Wing".

In other news Ian Stuart reports from Day 2 PIL Global Forum which I seem to have missed last week for some reason. After a long break Elliott posted a new picture of the works at Port Ellen Pier 17/12/11.

Birdwatching: The Islay Birds blog introduces the crew, reports of bird counts at Gruinart and Ardnave and has some Goose count numbers. The visiting blogger Ian mentioned is the The Listless Twitcher I've mentioned previously, who also writes about their experiences on Islay. The Islay Natural History Trust blog has a comparison of two Christmas Eve and shows us Milkshake Gully! There's also A keen snowdrop.

The pictures: Ron has a few he was sent from a Wintry Islay Walk from Bunnahabhain to Rhuvaal. Mark Unsworth announced New from Islay Studios-Photo Art and on his Islay Photography Gallery we find Lochindaal and Mist over Lochindaal. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I think I'll go for the Evening Clouds at Loch Indaal, the Port Charlotte Lighthouse with Dark Clouds and A Sunny Splash in Saligo Bay, Isle of Islay.

That's it for this week and also for this year, as the next Islay blogging roundup will be published in January 2012 (on either 1/Jan or 2/Jan, not sure yet how I'll fit it in). The Scottish Roundup is taking a break this week, I believe. Good night!

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