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Diluain, 26/Dec/2011

Where the hell is Islay anyway?

Islay on Video written in stencil

OK, OK, the category is slightly misleading, as it was filmed in Edinburgh. It's also not really a Christmas topic, but I found it interesting enough to bring it today. I hope Ian Stuart (@islayian on Twitter) is going to forgive me for ‘interrupting’ his well earned holidays. Here he is talking about how some students get to school on Islay (and in particular Jura), where Islay actually is and some of the changes they made at Islay High School:

YouTube: TeachMeet Edinburgh Ian Stuart

While I'm not a teacher (the closest I've come to it is that my late mother was a teacher and I'm currently doing some volunteering school outreach from my day job) I find what happens at schools and in education vitally important for our future. I've know Ian and a few other teachers at Islay High (and elsewhere) for a number of years now and find it very interesting what they're up to. While many graduates today struggle to find work I firmly believe a well educated workforce (in all aspects, academic and non-academic) is crucial for the future of the country. And it seems Islay is punching well above its weight in this area.

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