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Disathairne, 10/Feb/2012

Friday Islay Picture #228 - Night Sky at Kilchoman

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

It's not a clear night on Islay tonight if I can trust the Met Office reports for Port Ellen. On the other hand it's quite clear (and rather chilly) in Aldermaston Wharf tonight, so that some of last night's snow might even survive for more than 36 hours. Speaking of nights, that's what I picked for tonight's Friday Islay picture as well:

Picture of a night sky over a field with cattle

This is from October 2011, my first night on Islay during that visit. Having arrived in the dark that evening I wasn't really sure if there were any cattle in the field between Kilchoman House Cottages (where I was staying) and the military cemetary. Carefully I ventured into the field hoping to find a hollow which would shelter me from the outside lights at the cottages. Having found just that I set up my tripod and started to take pictures of the stars in the night sky. As my eyes got more and more used to the darkness I spotted the cows on the skyline, some of them looking quite young. I abandonded my spot and retreated carefully yet swiftly. Better safe than sorry.

Still, I hope you like the picture and that it gives you an idea of the dark skies and stars in the area. The light towards the left is coming from the Portnahaven area, several miles away.

And with that I'm going to say good night for today!

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