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Disathairne, 11/Feb/2012

How (Not) to Pronounce Islay Single Malts

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And now for something completely different. Many people at first struggle to pronounce some of the names of the Islay single malt whiskies. Luckily there's help at hand on the internet, with various recordings of how to pronounce their (and other) names. Let's start with how to pronounce Laphroaig from the south coast of Islay. Or may be not?

YouTube: How to Pronounce Laphroaig

OK, the first ones will probably have some niggling doubts that not everything here is what it seems to be. Never mind, let's move on to another Islay distillery, Bruichladdich to be precise:

YouTube: How to Pronounce Bruichladdich

OK, most or even all of you will have guessed by now that the PronunciationManual is some kind of joke channel, not a single one of their (as of writing this) 153 pronunciations is actully correct. At least I haven't found any yet. I've even tried Justin Bieber, this one will probably get them (hopefully not me) lots of hate mail from the Beliebers…

PS: some slightly more realistic attempts I've found on the PronunciationHub channel, which has Islay, Laphroaig and Justin Bieber.

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