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Diluain, 23/Apr/2012

A Great 10th Islay Walking Week

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Back to posting here, which means I'm back home after another great week on Islay. Those who followed my adventures on my Islay posterous account (where I've just tagged the relevant posts with walkislay2012) will already be aware that it was yet another mostly sunny week. In fact, during the walks I participated in we only had one short sharp shower (although I'm aware some walkers got drenched in Portnahaven while we enjoyed the sunshine on Colonsay). A few impressions:

Picture of three people walking on a beach

The above picture shows three regulars on Tràigh Baile Aonghais, somewhere between Killinallan Point and Gortantaoid. The now traditional Wednesday excursion to Colonsay took us to the north of the island, with some good views to Mull across the sea:

Picture of walkers on an island (Colonsay), another island visible in the distance

You can also read Mark's account of the day on Colonsay on Ron's Islay weblog. The highlight of the day was probably the Golden Eagle we had the opportunity to watch:

Picture of a Golden Eagle in flight

While still too far away to capture decent pictures it was close enough to watch its amazing display. It was whirling around high in the sky, diving down fast to then shoot up again. An amazing spectacle to watch. During the week we of course also spotted other wildlife, including an otter hunting on the south coast of Islay, a lizard and several adders.

My personal favourite walks were the walk along the southern shore with some amazing views of the skerries and it's counterpart in the north with the visit to Bholsa:

Picture of the ruin of a croft with a hill in the distance

Apart from the walks I also took quite a few other pictures and shot some video. Some of it will hopefully soon find its way on the Islay Pictures photoblog and on my YouTube channel. In particular I went out at night twice, Star Trails over Kilchoman, Isle of Islay is the result of one evening. This view of Machir Bay in the very last light of the gloaming is a ‘byproduct’ of the second evening:

Picture of the sky over a beach in the last light, many stars starting to show

I hope you've found the account of the week interesting, more pictures should appear on the photoblog over the coming weeks.

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