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Disathairne, 02/Jun/2012

More from Niall at the Islay Festival

Islay Music in stencil

Right then, first day of the long bank holiday weekend (at least for some). I've run out of Islay Ales as well as Colonsay beer, so I had to shop locally. Relaxing this evening with a pint or two and some music. Earlier this week on Thursday I promised more from Niall, here we go, more music from the Islay Festival:

YouTube: Islay Festival Beeswing

The second one for today mentions a place on Islay, Loch nam Breac. It was written by Niall a few years back in location, listen closely to the lyrics:

YouTube: Islay Festival Loch nam Breac

I hope you've enjoyed Niall's music, I know I have. There will be quite a few Feis Ile related blog entries in the Islay blogging roundup tomorrow, for those who can't get enough…

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