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Diciadain, 06/Jun/2012

Taking a Break. On Islay.

Islay Fun in stencil

Well then, the time has arrived to give at least this blog its summer break. I've already hinted at it over the last few days, shortly I'll be off to Islay again. A number of reasons to go at this time of the year again, similar to previous years:

Picture of two ladies beach rugby teams in action

To start with there's of the course the Islay Beach Rugby tournament on Saturday 09/Jun. I've enjoyed watching it the last three years (Impressions from 2009, Islay Beach Rugby 2010 Report to give those an idea who haven't been yet), so I've decided to go again this year. Fingers crossed for some nice weather as in all the previous years, hopefully the luck will hold again.

Picture of a rugged coastline

Then I'm hoping to get out on a few walks, among other things I'm hoping to revisit the southern skerries after the wonderful walk earlier this year in April. If I get a very nice day (for the views) I'll try to get over to Jura to climb the Pap I haven't been on yet (Beinn a'Chaolais). Haven't decided where yet, but as mentioned yesterday in the New Islay Video: On the Beach in Machir Bay entry I'd like to try to take the GoPro HD HERO2 under a waterfall, Port an Eas or Doodilmore River & Eas Lathan Waterfall come to mind. Other walks depending on mood and weather.

Of course there will be the longest day of the year, so I should have plenty of daylight to get out as long as the weather remains half way decent. I hope to meet many friends old and new, say hi if you spot me somewhere.

I probably won't be completely offline though, network permitting I'll aim to post the odd picture on the Isle of Islay Posterous account and send the odd tweet on the @islayblog Twitter account. Normal service will fully resume here some time during the last week of June.

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