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Dihaoine, 10/Aug/2012

Friday Islay Picture #248 - Light and Dark in the Sound of Islay

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Almost mid August already? At least we finally have some nice summer weather in many parts of the UK now, Ian has been praising the weather two days in a row now and there are hardly any clouds in Aldermaston Wharf either. Let's hope the clear weather holds for a few more days for the annual visit of the Perseids, I can think of a few people who would love to see it (unless they're too busy watching them Olympics). Anyway, a clear sky wasn't what helped me with this week's Friday Islay picture, instead it was a short break in the clouds:

Picture of a coastal landscape, partially in the shade, partially lit up by the sun

This is a view from the Islay ferry I enjoyed when arriving in June this year. A short gap in the clouds allowed the sun to illuminate the shoreline of Jura while the Paps in the background stayed in the dark. I quite liked the contrast between the light and the dark.

The picture is (well, will be when I post the larger version on Saturday morning) part of the current ‘on the Islay ferry’ series I'm running on the Islay Pictures photoblog this week. Others from the series included Out on Sea with the Islay Ferry, Cloud Break Over Jura Seen From The Islay Ferry and slightly cheating Old MacBraynes Coaches Waiting for the Islay Ferry.

With that I'm closing for tonight, have a great weekend, enjoy the Perseids meteor shower (if you're into that kind of night entertainment) or the last days of the Olympics (if you're into them). Or if you happen to be in Glasgow you can support the Islay Pipe Band at this year's World Championships. Good night!

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