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Diciadain, 08/Aug/2012

Best Scooter Rideout Ever - On Islay

Islay on Video written in stencil

From Colonsay back to Islay for the best scooter rideout ever. Not my claim (although if I were to ride a scooter I would probably make that claim as well), but the claim of some members of the York Scooter Club. They went on a tour of Scotland in June (I think), which included a visit to Islay:

YouTube: York Scooter Club BEST RIDEOUT EVER on tour in Scotland

This is of course on the road between the Uiskentuie and Bruichladdich, probably one of the nicest drives on Islay along the shore. One of them went a little bit further earlier:

YouTube: York Scooter Club Scotland Tour - Bellboy on the beach…

For some pictures try the 2012 YSC/TSSC Scotland 'Ride Out'! album on Facebook, which includes several from their time on Islay. They seem to be a pretty cool bunch.

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