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Disathairne, 13/Oct/2012

Islay/Jura Panorama Sound of Islay Revisited

Jura Excursions written in stencil

Back in August I wrote about a New Islay/Jura Panorama, the Sound of Islay. While taken from Jura it focused on the Islay side of the Sound of Islay at McArthur's Head. At the time I had promised a second panorama with a much wider view. Time to take a step back, here's the preview for the second panorama:

Picture of a panoramic view of a shoreline and a sound

This one now definitely belongs to the Isle of Jura panoramas collection as you actually get to see quite a bit of the south eastern shoreline of Jura. I'm afraid you will need Apple Quicktime on your computer to see it, but many computers have it these days. Give it a try and click the link for the panoramic view over the Jura shoreline and the Sound of Islay from Brosdale on Jura. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Not sure yet what it will be, but I'm hoping to find and publish another Islay panorama over the next few weeks.

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