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Dihaoine, 19/Oct/2012

Friday Islay Picture #257 - Geese at Night

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

The weekend is here, the last weekend before the clocks go back (well, at least in Europe). The last couple of years this was the weekend I arrived on Islay for my last visit of the year, unfortunately for work reasons I can't make it this year. Instead I will visit in November, including the Islay Sessions, a quite decent replacement I should think. I hope it won't be as dark then:

Blurry picture of geese in the late evening sky

This was in October 2011, fairly late in the evening. I was experimenting and taking pictures at last light when some geese flew past. I took a few pictures despite it being too dark really for photographing moving objects. One of them (slightly cropped) is this one, which despite being very blurry I somehow quite like. The silhouettes racing across the darkened sky.

And on that note, good night!

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