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Disathairne, 27/Oct/2012

Islay Star Trails by James Deane

Islay Pictures in stencil

After a rainy sunset in West Berkshire earlier today it has cleared up now, so I might head out later for some night sky photography, depending on how tired I feel and how the weather develops. Keeping in mind all the light pollution around here it is nowhere near as much fun as on Islay though. Which is where James Deane comes in. Having played with Star Trails at Saligo Bay earlier this year myself I noticed James posted some as well recently:

Banner with star trail pictures by James Deane

To fully enjoy them you of course need to view them in much bigger. Head over to his James Deane Photography Facebook page, where you will find the two pictures in question: Star Trails over The Rhinns Lighthouse and Star Trails over Islay House, Bridgend. James hopes there's more to come over the coming dark winter months on Islay…

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