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Dimàirt, 27/Nov/2012

Quick Islay in November Thoughts

Islay Pictures in stencil

Hopefully quite a few of you enjoyed the Islay Sessions 2012 at the Port Charlotte Hotel video I posted yesterday. As promised a few more quick thoughts on what else I did last week apart from the Islay Sessions. To start with I spent some time on the beach, during the day but also at night:

Picture of a moonlit beach

That's of course Machir Bay, taken on Thursday evening last week. I had hoped to take pictures for some startrails, but either the moon was too bright, there were too many clouds moving through or both. On this occasion both, although I still think it provides an interesting view. The clouds were moving relatively quickly, so with the longer exposure required at least the clouds closer to the camera become blurred. While I wasn't lucky enough to get extended clear spells, this time of year (and the next few months) is certainly the time for night photography. Very dark nights and little to no light pollution (as I was the only guest we switched off the outside lights at the cottages, I absolutely loved how dark it was).

Of course there were also a lot of birds around:

Picture of Barnacle Geese in flight

The geese seemed to be much more dispersed than what I had experienced during my previous October visits, although there were still some large flocks to be found in places. I didn't get to see the Red Breasted Goose, may be I looked in the wrong places at the wrong time, as to my knowledge it is still around. One afternoon I got to watch what I believe were a Peregrine and a Raven having a quite long mid air tussle at Kilchoman. Unfortunately the light wasn't very good any more so the pictures didn't turn out very well, but I'll try to post what I can rescue from what I've got. Still, while the days are short this time of year seems to still be a good time for birdwatching.

That's all for today, think I'll try to upload the long Grand Concert video from the Islay Sessions now…

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