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Diluain, 26/Nov/2012

Back From The Islay Sessions (And More)

Islay Music in stencil

Almost two weeks ago now I wrote I was going to be off to the Islay Sessions and more. Last night I returned to Aldermaston Wharf (after getting stuck in traffic quite badly on the M40, back to reality rather quickly…), but before that I enjoyed a very nice stay on Islay. The Islay Sessions were great and will be the first thing to report from. I've already created two videos (using a rainy morning while on Islay), one of which I've uploaded last night. It's from the Friday evening pub sessions at the Port Charlotte Hotel, hopefully giving you an idea of what happened in the sessions, musicians from various bands playing together:

YouTube: Islay Sessions 2012 at the Port Charlotte Hotel

The other video is from the Grand Concert on Saturday evening, I hope to be able to upload that later this week (it's almost double in file size as this one, so will take a while to upload). For more pictures, videos and thoughts from the sessions also check the Islay Sessions Facebook page.

Apart from the sessions I also spent quite some time on the beaches of Machir Bay and Saligo Bay, took a few pictures (incl some night shots, although unfortunately no star trails), met old and new friends, bought some whisky and relaxed in front of the open fire in the cottage. But more about that some other time.

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