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Diciadain, 02/Jan/2013

Islay Whisky on CBS News

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In the last Islay blogging roundup for 2012 I mentioned a report on CBS Sunday morning news called The secret of Scotland's Islay malt whiskys. Back then only the text was available, since then the video has been made available online as well and I can even embed and share it here:

Willem Marx does a quite good job here, some minor inaccuracies but generally a good overview. Some good visibility for the Islay Festival and the Islay distilleries, in particular Laphroaig and Ardbeg.

Of course nothing really new for the regular visitors, but I still hope you'll enjoy the video. You might also find it useful to share with friends to educate them about Islay whisky.

Sharing and discussing. Opening up the discussion. Have your say:

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