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Diardaoin, 03/Jan/2013

Beautiful Islay and Laphroaig Pictures

Islay Pictures in stencil

Just one link (well, two, because there are two versions) today, but I think that should be plenty enough. There are quite few very nice Islay pictures to be looked at on that page, so hopefully it will keep you interested for a while. In particular the whisky lovers, but also anyone interested in good photography:

Screenshot with three thumbnails

The pictures in question can be found in two mostly identical collections (but there are some differences, so make sure you look at both) titled The Making of Laphroaig by Paul Bock and The Making of Laphroaig Whisky by Niall Cotton.

The pictures are from a collaborative project of the two photographers which resulted in a leather bound book with 50 images. Unfortunately they don't mention where the book can be viewed. Either way, even just on screen they are very nice to look at.

Starting straight away with the first picture, I love the moody and slightly mysterious atmosphere in it. The calmness of the fading light. But there's more: While I'm not a big fan of long term exposures of flowing water the one here with the rock and the leaf on the left somehow works for me. And finally the one of the nosing glass with the reflection from warehouse nr.1 (in Paul's version), I quite like that and think it's very cleverly done. Any picture(s) that stand out for you?

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