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Diciadain, 09/Jan/2013

A Nice Islay Evening Shared on Twitter

Islay Pictures in stencil

Some more Islay pictures this evening, some very recent pictures. After many grey, cloudy and wet days today saw some nice weather on Islay. Late in the afternoon quite a few pictures of the evening sky and sunset were posted. For those of you not on Twitter here are a few examples:

To follow the red sky in the morning, now red sky at night - shepherds delight!!!!…

— Andrew Campbell (@wacislay) January 9, 2013

4pm today!…

— Patricia Farrington (@xraypat) January 9, 2013

lovely Port Ellen Sky…

— GavCelt!c (@gavceltic) January 9, 2013

I hope you've enjoyed these lovely views, thanks to all the folks on Islay for sharing these pictures!

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