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Dihaoine, 18/Jan/2013

Friday Islay Picture #268 - Sunburst at Saligo

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Oooops, from one Friday Islay picture straight to the next. Well, I wasn't feeling well enough for blogging over the weekend, then long hours in the office and this pesky tax return got into the way. Well, the worst is now out of the way, hopefully I'll return to some more regular Islay blogging over the next few days (there's always something going on at the Islay Pictures photoblog, if there's nothing there either I'm really having a problem…). Here's this week's picture I've picked from my November visit:

Picture of the sun breaking through some clouds over the cliffs of a sandy bay

This is of course Saligo Bay, the sun bursting through the clouds above the cliffs at the southern end of the bay. A lot of rapidly changing light that afternoon. More challenging than a plain blue sky, but also more rewarding. And more interesting.

No snow on Islay to speak of (yet) as far as I know, it's been snowing a bit in Aldermaston Wharf today. Not an awful lot, but it looks quite pretty. I don't think we'll get any sun the next few days, but I'm still aiming to get out for a while over the weekend.

On that note, have great weekend, with or without snow!

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