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Diciadain, 13/Feb/2013

Two Islay Paintings by James Orr

Islay Pictures in stencil

Two slightly different Islay pictures today, different in the sense that they are not photos (which most of what I link here usually are) but paintings. The painter is Glasgow born James Orr (unfortunately couldn't find a website for him, although you can read more about him on the gallery page), who also studied in Glasgow.

Screenshot of two paintings in a gallery

I don't know how many paintings he's completed of views on Islay, there are two I've found, both from the Rhinns. I'm not sure if they are still for sale or have both been sold already (unfortunately that's a bit unclear). These are the two in question:

The first one is titled Moorings. Portnahaven, Isle of Islay. It is either still for sale for £1,200 or already sold (this page says it's sold already). Either way, it's a nice sunny view of Portnahaven with the whitewashed cottages and the Rhinns of Islay lighthouse in the background. No seals though, slightly surprised James didn't include any seals in the view.

The second one is of course Lighthouse. Port Charlotte, Isle of Islay. Again it is either still for sale for £1,200 or looking at this page sold already. A familiar view of the lighthouse on the shore of Loch Indaal. Still, I think there might be some artistic freedom involved, I don't recall ever seeing three sailing boats on Loch Indaal at the same time. Then again, someone is probably going to prove me wrong.

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