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Diardaoin, 14/Feb/2013

Bowmore Primary on Islay Films in Gaelic

Islay on Video written in stencil

Unfortunately my Gaelic is rather limited (others would call it non-existent), so I don't really know what this video is about. What I do know that it is part of the Gaelic Film Project, which also visited Bowmore Primary on Islay. Here is their video, with a special guest:

Gaelic Film Project (Bowmore) from Fiona Blakey on Vimeo.

The special guest is Andrew Jackson, proud father of one of the girls who worked on the video and proud owner of The Bowmore House. He's the one walking into the video early on, curious about what they are doing and after being told waving good bye to his daughter. He didn't know he was filmed at the time, but I've since told him about the video when I came across it recently.

Initially I thought, what a strange video, but after watching the introduction (see link in first paragraph) it makes perfect sense. Some good work by the children there (with the support of the professionals of course). I hope you like it as well.

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