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Diluain, 25/Feb/2013

A Song for Sanaigmore, Islay

Islay Music in stencil

Some Islay inspired music tonight, which I came across largely by chance. Looking through my Twitter feeds (yes, I have several, for different things) I spotted a tweet by Tim Grady (@tymgrady) mentioning a YouTube video Dreaming of Islay. Of course I had a look. And quite enjoyed what I heard:

YouTube: Tim Grady - Sunset over Sanaigmore (Slide Guitar Improv)

Now I don't know if Tim has seen my video June Evening at Sanaigmore Bay, Isle of Islay, in any case I think his music fits to something idyllic like Sanaigmore Bay. Not sure if there's a way to bring the two video together, but I think they would go great together.

Tim, if you read this, thanks for the lovely music and have a great time on Islay, also enjoy the local music!

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