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Disathairne, 25/May/2013

Islay Whisky on Wheels

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Normally whisky and wheels don't go together. Obviously don't drink and drive. However, the crew at Master of Malt (they are currently on Islay, see the Master of Malt Blog) has come up with something rather cool. I don't know if it's the first one of its kind, but I think it's the first remote controlled whisky cask on wheels I've seen:

YouTube: caolila-cask-on-wheels

Looks to me as if it is off-road capable as well, quite important for Islay. I suspect we might see more of it the next few days, probably a good idea to watch the blog, the Master of Malt Twitter feed and the Master of Malt Google+ acount (the latter being the one I found it in).

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