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Disathairne, 06/Jul/2013

Jessica May at Bruichladdich Islay videos

Islay Music in stencil

It's probably appropriate to start this entry with a big thank you to Mary. When I walked into the Bruichladdich visitor centre on Islay Friday last week one of the first things she did was to ask Jess to pick up her guitar and play a few songs for me. She obliged and played a few songs, some of which I managed to record to share with you:

YouTube: Jessica May playing at Bruichladdich distillery, Islay

The first song is one of her own compositions (‘I don't know’), the second song is a cover version of a song by a Scottish band (I'll let you figure out which one). Those with sharp eyes who pay attention until the end will notice a very well known personality from the whisky world applauding her after the second song.

While I didn't have my video camera with me I luckily remembered that I had the external Nikon ME-1 microphone for my Nikon D300S in my camera bag. Good thing that many DSLRs allow to record video these days. Before I remembered that I had the microphone in my camera bag I recorded her with my mobile phone, I was quite surprised by the quality: YouTube: Jessica May singing at Bruichladdich distillery, Islay.

For more videos with Jess head over to her Jessica May YouTube channel. You can also follow her for updates on her Jessica May Twitter account if you're on Twitter.

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