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Diardaoin, 11/Jul/2013

Machir Bay Islay videos on Vine

Islay on Video written in stencil

Unfortunately the entry I had planned for tonight will have to wait, just as I had started to write it the site I was going to write about went down. So a quick improvisation instead, as I think I should really do some blogging here again. Just over a month ago I wrote Islay Videos on Vine. Since then I've obviously been on Islay again and had the opportunity to create some myself, two of which I've decided to share here again (you might have to click on them to start them running):

And a bit of action from the beach:

I hope that's at least those of you with a short attention span (oh, look, a squirrel) happy for now. 12 seconds of video shouldn't be too much. Unless you keep watching it on a constant loop.

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