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Disathairne, 13/Jul/2013

Incredibly detailed Islay distillery panoramas

Islay Pictures in stencil

While I was on holiday on Islay in June Dave Nicols sent me an email with some very interesting links. Back then I couldn't really look at them (they don't really work on a small smartphone screen), but having now visited them I'm very keen to share them. The links take you to some fantastic panoramas by Craig McAteer, I believe taken during this year's Feis Ile. You can zoom in to some incredible detail, at Bruichladdich distillery starting from this:

Screenshot of a panorama of Bruichladdich distillery in a panorama viewer

You can zoom in to this and even slightly further:

Screenshot of a zoomed in panorama of Bruichladdich distillery

Currently there are panoramas of three of the Islay distilleries:

In addition there is one other Islay panorama as of now:

This one mentions it features five of his friends, I'm guessing they are couple in front of the house with the brown/orange window frames and the three in front of the house with the black window frames.

Some quite amazing detail in all of them. They must require quite some work to record all this detail with so much accuracy. I hope there will be further Islay panoramas, with the last published fairly recently I hope there will be more in the works…

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