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Didòmhnaich, 14/Jul/2013

Islay Blogging Roundup #254

Islay Blogging Roundup in stencil

Over a month since the last Islay blogging roundup, think I'll better get at least some kind of rudimentary new roundup together. I have to admit I'm struggling a bit in the heat at the moment, living in an almost exactly south facing second floor flat is a challenge. At the same time I do enjoy the perks when I can. Still, better get back to blogging for a moment:

The big news was of course the short visit of an Ascension Frigatebird to Islay, first reported on Ian's Islay birds blog. John Armitage writes Ascension Island Frigatebird on Isle of Islay, followed by Announcement for Saturday 6.7.2013 and Frigatebird update! 1000 hours 6.7.2013 and Frustrating Frigatebird!! Not to be left out the INHT blog had Ascension Frigatebird !!! and Ascension Frigatebird update. Another mention on the birdguides blog with Ascenscion Frigatebird on Islay

A few Islay visits: Geoff and Tilly visited Islay & Jura, July 2013 in their motorhome and on foot. A rather long day cycling and walking is described in Islay. Pap of Jura. Ryan went on distillery visits in July 2nd-4th - Distiller's Edition: The Isle of Islay. Similary we've got The Malt Impostors Abroad: The Impostors visit Laphroaig and The Malt Impostors Abroad: The Impostors visit Bowmore. Sticking to the theme is Water To Whisky. Kate Davies writes about her Islay weekend while Daniel from Portugal brings us Dia 6: Ida a Isle of Islay and Dia 7: Isle of Islay — visitando as destilarias

Quite a few entries from a visitor in June: The meadow, Perfect weather, Weather has broken… Temporarily hopefully, What a difference a day makes, A corner turned, The singing sands on Islay and finally Catch-up with Islay photos.

A bit of whisky: A Finnish blog (writing in English) brings us Laphroaig QA Cask hands out an easy experience and Bruichladdich the Laddie Sixteen – Summer Solstice feelings. On Whisky Israel we find Laphroaig Feis Ile 2013 – Cairdeas Port Wood Edition.

Something a bit different in Recent works pt. II by a modelmaker from Glasgow. Going back to June we have Rhino Rugby Sponsors Islay Beach Rugby Tournament. From Glasgow's West End comes Guest Post – Glasgow Islay Gaelic Choir. Ron writes about Islay is a Great Family Destination, the Islay & Jura Summer 2013 Activities Programme and the First Report East Islay Mesolithic Project. If you're looking for a job, the IET has a Vacancy for Tidal Energy Project Development Officer. Justin Tyers writes about a Wild grave and gets into birdwatching with some Beginners luck…

The Our Learning Blog of Port Ellen Primary reports from The Science Trip, the Sports Day and Our Endeavour Morning. Posie has Bar-bugled with a Sore Spring hanger… Anna brings us thoughts of CONNECTING BIRDS & WORDS and FLÙRAICHEAN – FLOWERS. From The Dower House Restoration Project we read Bluebell time at the Dower House, Islay Goes To Islay!, Shed Converions. Amongst Other Things. and At the end of a rainbow!

Douglas has been kayaking at Islay's neighbour Gigha again, entries include The great voyage from Cara to Gigha!, Two lobsters, a crab, a haddock, countless langoustines and a couple of circumnavigations on Gigha. and A postprandial snooze on Gigha. Back on Islay Asher writes about ENDING MY ENDEAVOUR of kayaking to Texa.

Of course there was a bit of birdwatching as usual: on the Islay Birds blog we find a Cuckoo being fed by a Meadow Pipit, a juvenile Wheatear and a Shelduck duckling. John Armitage writes about a Close encounter at home and Some reflections on Islay raptor populations. The INHT blog among many other things has Jack and Tim's wildlife holiday, A Barn owl comes down a Portnahaven chimney and Centre activities.

A few pictures to close as usual. Debbie shares A Beautiful, Deserted and Windswept Coastline. A picture of the painted variety in Artwork of the Week – John Lowrie Morrison – Beached Boats, Loch Indaal, Islay. Ron shared Just Around the Corner at Killinallan Point and Between the Rocks at Lossit Bay. From my own Islay Pictures photoblog I've picked June night at Kilchoman, The Old Excise House in the evening light, of course Golden Eagle in flight, Isle of Islay and High tide in Saligo Bay, Isle of Islay.

And that's it for the return of the Islay blogging roundup. Hopefully it won't be too warm for another one next weekend. For the bigger picture head over to the Scottish Roundup, most recently with Tennis, politics and holidays but life isn’t strawberries and cream for everyone this week. Good night!

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