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Diardaoin, 19/Sep/2013

Mixed Islay links

Islay Links in stencil

It's time for another potpourri of Islay related links. This edition includes wildlife, the Sound of Islay tidal energy project, problems with the bedroom tax and news from Islay's neighbour Colonsay:

CNN has a report titled 10 wild things about Scotland, with Islay listed as ‘5. Wild geese and clashing stags’. About the Barnacle and White-Fronted Geese which will arrive in just a few weeks Robin writes:

Their arrival in autumn and departure in spring are among Europe's most memorable wildlife spectacles.

The BBC (as well as many other news channels) have a report Alstom devices deal for Sound of Islay tidal array. They will provide half of the units to be installed. We should see the first unit to be installed in two years with the whole site being ready in just over three years:

This move further cements Islay's credentials as the world's leading marine energy project, and by ensuring that the two leading technologies are developed in Scottish waters it considerably strengthens Scotland's global lead in this sector.

This one isn't really Islay specific as such, but the Daily Record mentions an interesting Islay related fact about the problem with the ‘bedroom tax’ recently introduced by the government:

In places like Appin and Islay, the option to move just isn’t there. On Islay, we’ve got 19 tenants affected, but only 19 lets across the whole of Argyll.
Do we have to move people off the island to get them to a home they can afford? I don’t want to see clearances again, but that is the reality if we don’t have the houses to move people to

And finally some news from Islay's neighbour Colonsay, the Scotsman reports Only pub on Colonsay up for sale. Hopefully it will be a community buyout and remain open long term:

Eight years after saving The Colonsay from closure, Alex Howard, who co-owns the business with three friends, has told locals it is up for sale.
Now the 120-strong community is investigating whether it is feasible for them to buy the business, which is crucial to the island’s fragile tourism-based economy.

I hope you found something interesting in this edition, otherwise hopefully in the next edition in a few weeks.

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